How to Check if a MoneyGram Payment Has Been Received

Find out if your MoneyGram was cashed.

MoneyGram is a fast and easy method for people who need to transfer cash, be it for personal or business reasons. When you send a personal check, your monthly bank statement or online balance will tell you if it has been cashed. Even though a MoneyGram payment is not tied to your bank account, it’s easy to find out if your payment has been received.

Difficulty: Easy


things you’ll need:

  • Touch-tone phone
  • Receipt from money order
    • 1

      Find the red number on the bottom of your receipt. It should be a 12-digit number, printed in color. It may have a letter in front of it.

    • 2

      Call MoneyGram’s customer service line at 800-542-3590 and select your language. Press “1″ if your language is English.

    • 3

      Press “1″ to indicate that you have purchased a MoneyGram money order.

    • 4

      Press “1″ to determine the status of a money order.

    • 5

      Press “1″ again to check the status of your money order.

    • 6

      Press “1″ if there is a letter in front of your money order number, or press “2″ if there is not a letter in front of the number.

    • 7

      Enter your money order number, omitting any letters, then press the pound key “#”.

    • 8

      Enter the amount of the money order in dollars and cents, using the star (*) key in place of the decimal point. For example, if the money order is for $50, press “5-0-*-0-0″ on your phone’s keypad, then press the “#” key. When prompted, confirm the amount is correct by pressing “1″.

    • 9

      The automated system will tell you whether the money order has been cashed or not. You can either hang up the call at this point, or stay on the line for more options, including the option to check the status of another money order.

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